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An Adult Novel Could Sum it Up.....

Team Lucky Star Forever!!!!

9/20/07 12:00 pm - castlevania cosplay and cosplay update

so finally after being on hiatus for over a year i have decided to finally get crackin on my castlevania cosplay. I have the patterns for the dress, the corset is in the works currently, i found the perfect wig and the sword. My hope is to debut this costume at Fanime 2008 and retire my other gothic costume and eventually retire Tsunade as well. My crossplay for Ycon will no longer happen since it seems we wont be doing masquerade. So my costume lineup for next year will be:
Kagami- Lucky Star (hopefully debut Ycon 2007)
Stella- Castlevania- Portrait of Ruin (debut Fanime 2008)
Natsume Aya- Tenjou Tenge
Matsumoto Rangiku- Bleach (im remaking this costume)(new version debut should be early next year)
Tsunade- Naruto (hopefully retire)
Gothic Original Creation- (hopefully retire)

I am looking to make one more costume---it will most likely be Shizuru Viola from Mai Otome but we'll see how much time and money ill have after my Stella costume which is going to cost me a fortune to make.

Oh and since people hve been wondering, my cons im going to next year :
Anime LA
Sakura Con
Anime Expo (maybe)
Sac Anime
Otakon (possibly)
Yaoi Con
and any other cons my friends decide to convince me to go to :)

8/2/07 09:28 pm - a big pile of goo

OMG OMG OMG OMG. dream live 4...what can i say but that i was squealing and drooling and SQEEEEE'ing and giggling and blushing (oh and singing!!) through the whole thing. talk about fanservice. i am like the happiest fangirl EVAR. so much rikkai and hyoutei and rokkaku love. if it wasnt for work tonight id watch it two more times tonight. AT LEAST.
now i must pick up this pile of goo i have become and feed my horsey before work.*squee!!!!!*

7/12/07 04:33 pm - another horse

as almost all of you know, I have a wonderful horse, Monsoon, who is now 21. Eventually I want to get another younger horse after Moni eventually----sorry, there is no tactful way to say die---. Ideally I want a 4-6 yr old Arab gelding (male horse that's been castrated) preferably a bay or deep chestnut Egyptian (type of Arab that is generally more refined looking). The plan was of course to wait after I lost Moni. However one of my coworkers who breeds Arabian horses let me know that her friend who also breeds Arabs has a 4 yr old bay purebred Egyptian Arab gelding(his name is Halaziz) she is looking to find a good home for (aka possibly free to a good home). you can imagine how stoked i am!!! and crazy lil me is going to check out this horse in a few weeks and if i like him, i think i might take him. of course this will be a major dent in my finances but if i can make it work , Moni might have a buddy and ill have time to form a good bond with this young horse. Here's hoping it works out!!!

6/28/07 06:43 am - off to AX i go!!!

although i am a couple hours behind schedule i am getting ready to leave for the long drive down to AX. I am so excited (esp for the SKIN concert)!!! I look forward to hangin out with old friends (Sassi and I are plannin a good 'ol time :) ) and making lots of new ones,esp with the 30 people i will be rooming with but have never met before. Costumes I will be taking: Matsumoto Rangiku--Bleach, Tsunade--Naruto, Natsume Aya--Tenjou Tenge, gothic curly wig costume. Some purchases I plan on making: SMUT (duh), Paprika OST (if available), Princess Tutu (volume 3-whatever is out),and if SKIN has a cd out I am sooooooo getting it. Well, I need to be heading off...have a 7 hour drive ahead of me. Luckily my new phone (yes i finally got my Palm Treo!!!) has internet so i can post to my lj if i wish. For those of you I wont be seeing at AX, I will not be back till late on the 3rd so my cell is the only way to reach me. take care and i am sure i will have lots of stories and goodies to share when i return.

6/18/07 08:42 am - kitty vet visit

so, after 6 years of a healthy kitty #1, jezzy finally decided it was time for me to take her in. when i was holding her in my lap last night i noticed dried blood on her neck and a big gaping hole. both cool to look at and yet disgusting too cause its my kitty. so i took her into the hospital where i work and they told me it was an abscess, most likely from a kitty fight or something. so they knocked her out put in a drain and sutured it up and now i have a cranky but doing much better kitty. jezzy came out of anesthesia quite cranky and extremely pissed off. some of my coworkers even visited her during the night which was super nice of them. she is on antibiotics and the vet who took my case was someone i know well so she threw in some fluids for me to give jezzy sub-q for free :) so now i get to stuff her meds down her throat twice a day, stab her with a needle twice a day to give her her fluids, hot pack her neck 2-3 times a day and rewrap her neck as needed. now that we are both home jezz is happily settled on my lap and catnapping. i am enjoying this while i can since after days of giving her her meds, stabbing her with needles, and not letting her outside she will be sooo pissed at me.

5/29/07 07:35 pm - Fanime 2007

Thank you everyone for being patient.....as promised here are the pics I took at Fanime:

Fanime 2007 pics

Fanime was great this year. I met lots and lots of new friends and had such an awesome time. Definitely a good idea to stay in the hotel---we partied every night till the sun came up :) Every year I find my fanime experience quite different. I sadly was unable to attend the AMV's or the Masquerade but instead i was a little social butterfly and i was perfectly content hanging out with new friends and popping back and forth between the dance and bishounen yumminess. Speaking of bishies, i also got to hang out and chat with a few of them at the parties and around the con and it was really nice getting to know them somewhat better. and in regards to the dance , I danced every single night for hours and i cant tell you how sore i am, especially my feet. It was really packed and fricken awesome music---i hadnt had that much fun in a long ass time.

one of the highlights of con was definitely that i got to see zz in concert and i had all of them sign a cd i bought from them. i swear i was blushing like crazy as they smiled at me after i thanked them for signing it. i cant wait to see them again!!!

I am happy i also got to hang out with all my close friends, though sadly not nearly enough. as i mentioned to you guys, as every year goes by, our priorities seem to change. for me, con will always be super important and i hope you werent bothered too much by my flitting around with my con friends and being super social and not hanging out with you too much. but you know me and how much i love socializing :) i cant bear to sit around and relaz when there are so many things to do...people to meet. i thought our resident evil cosplay was awesome and hopefully you guys will want to do it again at another con. lets just hope that we wont have the same problem in regards to our artillery...grrrrr.

well, AX is now just around the corner and now with the news that Gackt will be performing there are well, i am sure this AX will be even better. I am prepared to stand in line for hours and hours if that's what it takes to attend SKIN's concert. Assassin, if possible we should try to meet up and stand in line together so we can sit together if possible. And while i am mentioned con stuff, if anyone is coming out for SacAnime, it is now big enough that it will be at a hotel (rumor has it as the Red Lion). My friend will be DJ'ing the dance another friend will be playing as well so you guys should totally come!!!

ok, thats it for my update....hope everyone had a great fanime and ill see you at AX :)

5/28/07 08:58 pm - looking for a room for AX

I still as of yet have no room to stay in for AX this year. If anyone knows of anyone who is willing to put me up, please please let me know. or if anyone is willing to share a room with me, please let me know so i can look into booking a room.

and in regards to fanime, i will post my pictures tonight. so be sure to look for them!

4/19/07 08:24 pm - spring 2007 anime update #1

as some of you probably already know, spring not only brings beautiful warm sunny days, but a shitload of new anime shows. I myself am amazed at how many new series are being released and I am having a hard time keeping track of which shows to watch. So I have decided to dedicate my next entries to giving a rundown of the shows im watching and what shows are BLEH and which ones you shouldn't miss.

So to start off, one of my favorites of this season....

1.Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Combat Butler):

Basically this series is about a kid (Hayate) whose irresponsible parents spend all his hard earned money on their ridiculous "dreams" and borrow tons of money (156,804,000 yen to be exact :)) and become so in debt that they flee leaving their son with the debt as a christmas present. wait---it gets better. so after a crazy turn of events Hayate ends up working as the butler (bodyguard) for Nagi, the daughter of a mafia boss to pay off his debt.

What do I think of this show? FUCKIN HILARIOUS!!!! i am not usually a big fan of comedy series but this one is just so random and insane that i catch myself laughing through most of it. So far there are 3 episodes released and all of them have been amazingly funny. You will never look at Santa the same again :) So far out of all the shows i have been following this is definitely one of the best. so check it out---

2. Murder Princess OVA:

Storyline-- There is an attack upon the royal family of Forland and only the young princess Alita escapes. She ends up meeting up with a young female bounty hunter Fallis and a dangerous turn of events results in both of them switching souls. (Fallis has Alita's body and vice versa). Alita convinces Fallis to take her place as the princess and fight any enemies which threaten to overrun the kingdom.

My opinion: I was really hot and cold about this series. I like girls and swords and all, but there were these weird cutesy robot things and weird monsters...not to mention the bad guys of the series so far just seem too silly and ridiculous. Basically I find some of this show pretty stupid. I like Fallis' tough, strong personality and Alita doesn't seem to annoy me too much ----however I am having a hard time imagining the plot being anything special or worth watching. So for now I might check out the next release but as of right now I am not impressed.

3.El Cazador de la Bruja:

. A bounty hunter (Nadie) tracks down a young girl Ellis who is suspected of killing a famous physicist. Ellis is also being tracked down by a secret organization called the "Hunters" Instead of turning her in, both Ellis and Nadie flee together to Ellis's hometown in search of not only Ellis's past, but also the Gemstone of the Inca Rose and the city Winay Marka.

Ok this series just screams NOIR with a touch of supernatural powers. So far I really like the drama and mystery of the first episode and as a NOIR fan this series appealed to me. The action scenes were ok---I liked the gunfights in NOIR much better. However the mystery aspect really got my attention. After the first episode I was like "what in the world is going on?!!" i hope the action scenes pick up some and that this isnt a series where the first couple episodes are all mysterious and vague and packed with drama and then the plot fizzles out and the outcome doesnt live up to your expectations. for now ill give it a chance, especially cause i like the animation a lot and im curious about what in the world is up with ellis.

4. Kami-chama Karin:

To sum it up in a few words....cutesy cutesy young orphan girl mourns over her beloved dead cat and meets a bishounen who triggers the powers of her ring, a keepsake from her dead mother. she discovers she is a goddess and fights evil with her magical powers and the help of several bishounen (also have magic powers). ---i also get the feeling some of you might be reminded of Card Captor Sakura

This is def. one of those you like it/hate it shows. though my summary might sound like i am making fun of this show, amazingly i am going to say i was surprised i kind of like it. *shock* yes, the same person who usually always ignores any cutesy magic girl anime that airs is going to give this one a chance----mainly thanks to princess tutu---one of my very favorite animes to this day. Despite the fact that this series seems cutesy (sugary-cavity cute) the plot actually intrigued me---especially the relationships between the characters. ok, and i admit that the seiyuu's of the bishounen consist of famous actors like Akira Ishida (Gaara from Naruto). the art style is pretty but a little simple for my tastes---the use of bright vivid colors though is amazing. i am thinking/hoping that this is one of those shows that are sugary cute on the outside but have a deeper more serious plot once the story gets going. or maybe i am just hoping to discover another princess tutu.....

those are all the reviews for now...next update will be for all my yaoi/shounen-ai fans. yes aarinfantasy is back and in business my friends :)

3/26/07 12:56 am - nodame cantabile- live action

i guess it has been a month since my last update... to all my friends, sorry i have been busy work so i havent been very social. seems to be the story of my life.... anyway, i am here to tell you about this fantastic live action series called Nodame Cantabile. Some of you may have heard of or even seen/read the manga and the anime. I cannot cannot cannot get enough of this series. Definitely one of my favorites. I finished marathoning it today and I laughed and cried through the whole thing. Basically the story revolves around a very good looking, very talented music student (Chiaki) who wants to be a conductor (but is studying piano) and his amusing/weird/cute relationship with Nodame, his absent-minded, adorable, talented neighbor/fellow student at the music school they attend. The story follows these two and their friendships with the other students at the music school and everyone's struggle to discover their dream and make it happen. This 11 episode series was so heart-warming and amusing and the character development was phenominal. I am also a big fan of classical music and the songs played throughout the series were absolutely beautiful.

unfortunately this series is only fansubbed out to episode 3 or so but you can always dl raws and search for softsubs if neccessary. again i think this is one of the best dramas i have seen in a long time so check it out when you can. i prmise you wont be disappointed. :)

2/14/07 08:40 am - jdrama update

so i have yet again been in the jdrama mood so i have been watching lots of various series. before i talk about One Litre of Tears, let me mention the jdramas ive seen that are worth seeing (for summaries go to jdrama.com):

Hana Yori Dango (Boys over flowers): i cant talk highly enough about this series. it is so damn good. Season one finished several months back and season 2 is now underway with 5/11 episodes out. it strays from the manga quite a bit but it doesnt bother me too much since the manga is soooo random at times anyways. the highlight of the series is most definitely the actors playing F4. they are super sexy, esp. Domyoji and Rui-----yummy :) check it out (SARS fansub group does a kick ass job of fansubbing jdoramas)

GTO: i didnt think i would like this series initially but so many people loved it so i gave it a chance. and i fell in love with it. there are so many series out there about teachers trying to help troublesome students that i thought it would be just another one of those shows, but i was wrong. its no wonder it was rated best jdrama. There is also the manga and anime, but i havent checked out either so i am not sure how closely they follow each other.

Gokusen: basically this is like a female version of GTO. I really like the actress that plays yankumi----she played the role of the teacher absolutely wonderfully. fight-o! OH! :) i actually think i liked this series better than GTO. I will say though i am slightly prejudiced cause the actor who plays Shin (leader of the students) also plays Domyoji in HYD. (though i like his long hair better in Gokusen) definitely worth watching. there is also Gokusen 2 but i think it is a failure to try to repeat the success of the original Gokusen. i have also seen the anime but i think i like the live action version better.

Nobuta wo Produce: god i loved this show. great story about friendship and i laughed and cried through the whole series. definitely up there with HYD and Gokusen. no-bu-ta POWER!!!!!!

Ichi Ritoru no Namida (One Litre of Tears): sad sad sad sad sad. i skipped sleeping after work yesterday to watch this series and im glad i did, though i got a headache from crying so much. anyone seen the notebook?? i cried about 10 times more in this series. basically this series is about a girl who gets and incurable disease and how she struggles with her relationships with her family, friends, and love and of course her disease. i highly recommend this series, though be prepared to cry.

Densha Otoko (Train man): I really like this series. it is a famous love story so i wont explain it, but this was my first jdrama-series i ever watched. if you like nerdy guy-saves beautiful girl, guys gets girl, guy loses girl, guy gets girl backtype stories, this series is for you.

thats if for j-drama updates. does anyone have any series they recommend?
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